securely exchange anything, anywhere, with anyone.
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Securely exchange anything, anywhere, with anyone.

Secure eXchange Protocols

A soft alternative to an exclusive money-based economy.

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In short

A project to create an open, ubiquitous, peer-to-peer, secure protocol suite for multi-party exchanges of contracts.

The idea is that any of us can join together and create a virtual ad hoc market, in which others can tell what they have to offer and what they need. The market, or anyone for that matter, can propose deals, whereby one person would give an item to another who gives an item to a third etc. If all parties concerned agree to a deal, the deal gets secured into an electronic contract, signed by the different parties.

Hence our motto could be:

Securely exchange anything, anywhere, with anyone.


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A question

Say we had all these mobile phones, PDAs etc., but suddenly forgot all about money. Say that all of its trades were taking place via some advanced, decentralized, electronic bartering system… Would one of the resources being exchanged re-emerge as an exclusive money, i.e. serve for wealth cumulation and participate in all deals? Would people trust pieces of paper back again? Or would more dynamic, blended and local currencies start to emerge? Is there a good theory of emergence of moneys in distributed, decentralized economies? More on these questions.

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